Anish Kapoor, Carsten Höller, Giuseppe Penone and, for the local communities’ project, Claudia Losi, Anni Rapinoja, Nils-Udo and Mario Brunello are artists who express, each with their own perception, a new way of looking at the territory, out of the traditional modes of representation and portrayal.

Art, artworks and artists are interpreted from a different conceptual perspective, starting from the direct comparison with the environment, which goes beyond the physical and natural dimension of a territory and become something to be reinterpreted and given new meanings using the terms of the language of art.

Local Communities' Project

In order to experiment new forms of social change, the artists Claudia Losi, Anni Rapinoja and Nils-Udo have been invited to work with the local communities, to identify some possible forms of collaboration with the craftsmen of the Pollino area. They have strengthened their ties with the region, through learning activities and workshops, asking the inhabitants to work with each other in some projects.

The Local Communities’ Project ended with a concert by Mario Brunello, titled “Pensavo fosse Bach” (I thought it was Bach) and a video participation by Vinicio Capossela. The concert was held in the church of San Francesco, in Senise.

La loro presenza ha permesso di sviluppare legami forti con il territorio realizzando attività didattiche e workshop che hanno coinvolto gli abitanti con progetti di tipo relazionale.

Il progetto Comunità Locali si è concluso con il concerto di Mario Brunello, Pensavo fosse Bach, con la partecipazione, nei video, di Vinicio Capossela. Il concerto si è tenuto nella chiesa di San Francesco a Senise.

Mario Brunello

One of the most significant names in the Italian and international music landscape. In Brunello’s artistic life, focus is given to projects involving different art forms, from literature to philosophy, from science to painting. Mario Brunello has performed in the main concert halls in the world, directed by names of great prestige, such as Claudio Abbado, Riccardo Muti, Zubin Mehta and Myung-Whun Chung.

Founder and Director of the Orchestra D’Archi Italiana (the Italian string orchestra), he has a very rich repertoire ranging from baroque music and Bach to contemporary music and jazz influences. In 1986, he was the first Italian artist to win the Čajkovskij contest in Moscow.