Anni Rapinoja

For the ArtePollino’s project, the artist addresses the topic of the broom shrub spinning, a traditional textile manufacturing activity made by the Arbëreshe community, with the aim of enhancing one of the most ancient popular traditions of the Pollino Park, in a modern-day retelling thanks to the Skycleanere workshop and the photo exhibition of San Paolo Albanese seen with the eyes of the Finns.


Finnish artist, born in 1949. Her artworks combine art and nature. She made environmental artworks and held the “Wardrobe of nature” exhibition, where clothing and fashion accessories are created using natural materials, so that, at first sight, they look like high fashion objects, but at a closer look they show the fragility of nature, to remind men their responsibilities towards it. Anni Rapinoja’s artworks have been displayed in museums and galleries throughout Europe and the world.