A new cultural reality born recently, the MULA+ Museum of Latronico, composed of the Archaeological Civic Museum, the Museum of Arts, Crafts and Peasant Civilization, the Museum of Thermalism and the Municipal Library.

The Archaeological Civic Museum

The Archaeological Civic Museum is distributed in two small rooms: the first one is dedicated to the Latronico Caves, an important prehistoric site inhabited from the end of the Mesolithic (VII-VI millennium BC) to the Bronze Age (XIV century BC), where stone objects, bone tools and pottery were found. The archaeological site is located within a few metres from the museum.

In the second room some grave goods are exhibited, coming from the OEnotrian necropolis of Colle dei Greci (VII-V century BC), composed of locally produced and imported ceramics.

The Municipal Library

The Municipal Library has over 7,000 titles with a rich section for children. The library is not only a place for consultation and loan, but also a permanent lab to spread the love of reading, promoting it as an experience of growth and an engine of ideas.

The Museum of Thermalism

The Museum of Thermalism is housed in the premises of the old Latronico baths, built in 1928. The museum was created with the aim of deepening and disseminating knowledge about the activities of the local baths. Over the years, the baths, in addition to having an important therapeutic function, have been a significant meeting place and a modifying element of social customs, thus serving as an observatory on the transformations of Latronian social life in the 1900s.

The Museum of Arts, Crafts and Peasant Civilization

The Museum of Arts, Crafts and Peasant Civilization exhibits over 780 pieces, located in two rooms divided into various sections. In addition to the work tools typical of the local peasant civilization, and household objects, the small museum exhibits the work tools of the carpenter, the blacksmith, the shoemaker, the farrier, and the tinsmith and tells, through descriptive panels, the various phases of the production cycle of wheat and grapes.

Together, these museum spaces have become the MULA+ Museum of Latronico, a place that stands as a space open to meetings, events, exchanges, theatrical performances, etc., open to create collaborations with associations, tourism, and social organizations of the territory, on a regional scale and beyond.

The MULA + tells the story of Latronico and its people starting from prehistoric times, when men lived in the Calda Caves and in the Colle dei Greci site, up to the present day. The spaces of the museum, even if organized and set up to tell different eras and aspects of the life in Latronico and its inhabitants, have an element in common, which makes them interesting and modern, placing them in a dimension that is both local and global: they focus on the movement, the journey, and the encounter.

The idea of a museum we have decided to embrace is in line with that of small museums, that is, places strongly linked to the territory, their history, and the community that lives there. In this sense, the MULA + Museum of Latronico presents itself as a dynamic space, open to exhibitions, workshops, concerts, cultural events, and small shows for a very wide audience: children, teenagers, families, the elderly, and the world of education.

The MULA+ is conceived as an unconventional museum which is far from the idea of a closed and static place; on the contrary, it is meant to open up to encounters, contaminations, collaborations, to people and ideas, an educational and cultural incubator where everyone can feel welcomed.

Why visiting the MULA +?

Small museums, such as those in Latronico, have a strong link with the territory and with the local community. Hospitality is what characterizes them, also for this reason they are able to offer unique experiences. In small museums, contents are important, but people are even more important.

Visiting the MULA +, therefore, means discovering a place rich in history and culture, open and dynamic, able to tell the past but always connected to the present. The MULA + is designed to allow visitors to find links between past and present through workshops.


The MULA+ is opened all the year on:

Friday from 3 to 5.30 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm
Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm

Moreover, only on reservation (phoning a day before at least), it is possible to visit the museum also on Thursday.

The museum will also be open, in the days in which the manager will organize particular events, at specific times that will be communicated.

Phone and Fax: 0973/859455
Mobile 340.67 86 865 – 339.79 80 173