Seven meetings, open to kids from 7 to 10 years old, aimed at promoting knowledge of the local area and its artistic and museum heritage to trace the relations between the finds preserved in the museum of Latronico and contemporary art. The activity will try to stimulate creativity, the ability to find links, and understand the relationship that exists between the past and the present.
Each meeting will be based on the exploration of a particular place or on the in-depth analysis of an item whose period, use, etc. will be discovered to search for, or establish, a correlation with a contemporary work of art and an artist. The meeting will end with a workshop activity in which children, through play and manipulation, will approach different topics, techniques, and materials.

The meetings will be led by Ylenia Pellicano, a graduate in Art History and History and Conservation of Artistic, Archaeological and Musical Heritage.

Advance booking is required.

All COVID regulations will be complied with during the activities.

For a single meeting € 7
For the entire path (7 meetings) € 35

For further information and bookings please call 340.6786865