Another story

In this delicate post-pandemic recovery, the Municipality of Rotonda wants to restart its activities from its Museum to offer children the opportunity to go back to “normal life” and learn more about the place where they live, its history and archaeology, to build inclusive cultural opportunities through learning and gaining experience by playing.

The project’s starting point will be the Pollino Natural History Museum, which was set up to protect the finds (following the discovery of fossils of pachyderms) discovered in the early 1980s in the town of Calorie, in the municipality of Rotonda, on the left bank of the Mercure river (named Lao in Calabria). The Museum boasts an almost complete skeleton of Elephas antiquus italicus, of Hippopotamus antiquus, and a mandible of rhinoceros (stephanorhinus  hundsheimennis).

The project aims to bring the children of Rotonda closer to their Museum and to the historical and environmental heritage and, together with them, to create a tool to offer other visitors a chance to get to know the museum through playing and story-telling.

Another story, therefore, is that to be told to children so that they can become interested in the heritage of their own town. It is also the story to be told to the children who will visit the Museum in the future, bearing in mind the needs of a young audience. But Another story is also one of the many that can be invented whenever someone takes the story-telling cards that will be created to tell countless tales.