“Portraits of Humanity” The Literary Walk for Matera 2019

From 2 to 6 October 2018, Elvira Dones, Marco Cazzato and “Il Circolo dei Lettori” foundation of Turin: a journey across art and nature within the Pollino National Park.
2019 is coming, and the journey of Ka art, drawing the collective map of Basilicata – a Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture project, co-produced by the ArtePollino association and the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, on the theme “Reflections and Connections” – is becoming increasingly intense.
From 2 to 6 October 2018, a new exciting experience will take place, with the first of the literary walks within the Pollino National Park, in Basilicata, in cooperation with the “Il Circolo dei Lettori” of Turin, partner of the Ka art project.
Based on the experience of other events such as “Torino Spirtualità”, the “Il Circolo dei Lettori” envisioned two itineraries that combine walking, story-telling and artistic production, with the involvement of writers and artists who are able to interpret the meaning of the Pollino’s territory.
The first itinerary, named Portraits of Humanity, will feature the writer Elvira Dones and illustrator Marco Cazzato, who will be accompanied by Anastasia Frandino and Elena Notarangelo from the “Il Circolo dei lettori”.
The theme of the walk will be the people who inhabit the landscapes. Elvira Dones – who has always been interested in telling the world of women with wisdom, clear-headedness, grace and great sensitivity – and Marco Cazzato, artist, illustrator and painter will depict, using words and images, the inhabitants of this area, with a special focus on women. Human portraits and tales will give voice to those who animate the regional landscape.
The writers and artists involved in the two itineraries of 2018, guided by ArtePollino, will trace some walking itineraries and, after a 3-day immersion in the Pollino park, will create original tales and artworks, which will be on exhibit during the celebrations in 2019.
The idea stems from the desire to give a voice to the richness of nature, history and cultural-artistic variety of a specific area in Basilicata, using various means. The selected authors and artists are able, thanks to their sensitivity and mindset, to feel everything around them using their senses, always keen and perceptive.
Thanks to the Ka art project, the celebrations for Matera, 2019 European Capital of Culture are the chance to reaffirm the bond between Piedmont and Basilicata, with a view to enhancing art and culture, nature and landscape, through the act of walking, understood as a break from civilisation, connection with nature and moment for research. A break to meditate and think about ourselves and the world. An opportunity to organise the rich variety of existing routes and then walk along them, with new intellectual inspiration and artistic creation.