“Del tempo fossile” – Fossil time, artist-in-residence programme

ArtePollino for Matera 2019 with Ka art
“Del tempo fossile” – Fossil time
Pollino National Park
17-23 September 2018

Visiting Professor: Claudia Losi, in cooperation with Francesco Pedrini
Artist-in-residence programme with Silva Agostini, Bora Baboci, Camilla Salvatore, Cosimo Veneziano, Pleurad Xhafa

ArtePollino presents the first event of “Ka art”, a project aimed at drawing the collective map of Basilicata, co-produced by the Matera Basilicata 2019 foundation and ArtePollino, and curated by Katia Anguelova.
The Ka art project will develop around the topic of Thoughts and Connections, one of the five main threads that run through Matera’s application and enabled the city to become the 2019 European Capital of Culture.
The residence programme named “Fossil time” was designed in that context.
Participating artists were selected by Claudia Losi and Adrian Paci.
Silva Agostini, Bora Baboci, Camilla Savior, Cosimo Veneziano and Pleurad Xhafa will carry out a research and study residency project under the guidance of Claudia Losi, in cooperation with Francesco Pedrini and with the support of ArtePollino for the entire week.
The five artists are invited to explore, through walks and meetings, the geomorphological, anthropological and historical features of the four main valleys of the Pollino National Park located in Basilicata: the valleys of Sinni, Frido, Sarmento and Mercure.
The starting point is the direct experience of places and the observation of the language islands which, like some elements of the fauna and flora, have managed to survive by adapting to cultural and ecological pressures.
We encourage reflection on the concept of Fossil time, understood as the time of our memory, the foundation of the structure-body of the individual and the society. A tool to read and imagine the layered landscapes that will be physically experienced, using the body and the eyes.
Another key word of the week will be “relict”, understood as something that persists and survives, in isolated forms or in any case, confined by prior and broader situations and conditions: relict species in biology, relict landscapes in geography and, finally, relict languages in linguistics.
Starting from these experiences and the meetings with scholars, enthusiasts and cultural organisations active in the area, the invited artists will give feedbacks on their experience in the following months, proposing an adequate intervention for these places.
In this way, Artepollino continues to work on the relationship between art and nature, culture and landscape, across the Pollino area, Matera and the entire Basilicata region.
“Ka art” upcoming events:
Literary walks with Elvira Dones, Marco Cazzato, Antonio Pascale e Amedeo Balbi, in cooperation with “Il Circolo dei Lettori” of Turin.