Expo 2015

On 19 May 2015, the cultural association “ArtePollino” took part to Expo 2015, in Milan, to talk about art, water and landscape. The initiative featured in the rich calendar of events held from 8 to 23 May at the exhibition space dedicated to Basilicata. During the day, a time lapse video-tale about the works and artists of the ArtePollino project was officially presented. The video was made by Angelo Chiacchio and Walter Molfese, the authors of Italia senza tempo – Timeless Italy, a series of videos to tell about the hidden side of Italy, which also includes a section dedicated to the Pollino park. Many Italian and foreign visitors watched the Artepollino’s video and asked further information on the project and the area. Many of them were school students and people born in Basilicata but living in Milan, in its surroundings or in Northern Italy.