2021 Fardella Summer School

Promoting social inclusion, reducing disparities, creating the conditions for a less unequal society by giving children the opportunity to participate in laboratory, educational and cultural activities, and so nourishing the capacity for imagination and creativity.

Exploring the different aspects of our past and choosing the most precious memories, knowing that understanding who we were is essential to understand who we are today and who we would like to be in the future.

Promoting the knowledge of one’s own territory and of those who live there through an experience that involves children and young people in an emotional sense and leads them to explore the environment they are familiar with, searching for those memories, emotions and visions often hidden in the everyday life.

A Summer School full of workshops focusing on themes of MEMORY, on the evocative power of memories intrinsic of the PLACES and on the words as a NARRATION tool. Every inhabited place, lived by men and women has a memory to be discovered, reconstructed, interpreted. The places, where the life and the sensations of those who live there have been intense, have a strength that we want to awaken. However, places also inspire desires, fantasies, hopes.

Stimulating memory and imagination and collecting, by means of co-design workshops, micro-stories, which are linked to particular memories of the town of Fardella, hidden memories, passages.

The starting point, the MUSEO DIFFUSO DELLA PAROLA (i.e. the Diffused Museum of the Word), or a “museum outside the museum” that already exists, an extension of the exhibition currently located inside Palazzo De Donato. The museum is, in fact, a place of memories we want to listen to again, we want to tell, together with the children and young people who will participate in the Summer School: they are the SMALL MEMORIES, or stories linked to great events, of those who live in Fardella. This collective work is very stimulating because it helps to bring out some stories, whose unaware guardian is the community, convinced, like everyone, that our small things are useless. Meanwhile, we know that “every experience is unique” as Italo Calvino taught us.