Artissima 2013 edition

In 2013, ArtePollino participated in Artissima, the International Contemporary Art Fair. A symbol for the city of Turin and its surroundings, it is considered one of the most accredited and important art fairs in the world. The 2013 edition’s rich programme featured an exhibition dedicated to museums, organised with the cooperation of the Education departments of ZonArte network through workshops, meetings and debates open to young people, families and cultural operators. ArtePollino was invited by the Education Department of the Rivoli Castle Museum of Contemporary Art to talk about its artistic experience started in 2008 with the “ArtePollino Un Altro Sud” project. At the exhibition space “Migration, between nature and city”, the association participated in a debate with different national entities, to show that new projects and cultural experiences can improve a habitat or region, creating new forms of relationship.