Record-setting tightrope walker over the sky of San Severino Lucano

Saturday, September 3 at 7.30 pm

Andrea Loreni walks on a 60-metre-long, LED light up cable at a height of 20 metres

Heads up and eyes to the sky to follow the steps of Andrea Loreni, the only Italian tightrope walker to walk on cables at great heights.

The show, which is part of the arte@parte programme, will take place on Saturday 3 September at 7.30 pm (in case of bad weather the walk is postponed to Sunday 4), in the town centre of San Severino Lucano PZ.

Starting from the Church of San Vincenzo, the tightrope walker will walk on a LED light up cable, which is about 60 metres long and 20 metres high.

Andrea Loreni’s walk opens a cycle of events on the art of walking. The programme is curated by the ArtePollino association and supported by the Basilicata Region.

“It is both an honour and a pleasure to us to host such an extraordinary event” – says Franco Fiore, Mayor of San Severino Lucano. “We’ve welcomed the proposal to host tightrope walker Andrea Loreni’s show, both for the performance itself and for Loreni’s artistic uniqueness. He will walk under our sky, just as he has done in Switzerland, Serbia and many other Italian and foreign cities. We look forward to it with great pleasure”, says Fiore.

Before the performance, Andrea Loreni will spend a few days in San Severino Lucano to get to know better the town and its inhabitants.


Born in 1975 in Turin, graduated in theoretical philosophy, Andrea Loreni is the only Italian tightrope walker specialised in walking at great heights.

In his research, Andrea combines Zen and tightrope walking as privileged ways to achieve artistic and existential authenticity.

Andrea has walked above the water or among the mountains, for films and TV programmes. He has walked on flat grounds and slopes, in silence or accompanied by sounds that have vibrated together with the rope. He has travelled kilometres on a stretch of cable through the skies of many Italian cities, including Turin, Bologna, Rome, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Brescia, Trieste, and foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Serbia, Israel, Thailand. On his rope, he has even crossed the lake of the Sogen-ji temple in Japan.

Trainer and speaker for universities, banks, multinationals and companies, Andrea is the author of “Zen e Funambolismo” (Zen and tightrope walking, 2019, Funambolo Edizioni), “Breve corso di funambolismo per chi cammina col vento” (Short tightrope walking course for those who walk with the wind) and “Sette passi per attraversare la vita”(Seven steps to cross life, 2020, Mondadori).

Personal record: 2022- walk to Frassinetto (TO) on a 350-metre-long cable at a height of 300 metres.