Performance by Giacomo Montanaro

In cooperation with the cultural cssociation “Zoe” and the gallery “Il ritrovo di Rob Shazar”, on 14 and 15 May 2011, in Latronico, ArtePollino organised a performance and exhibition of some of the works by Giacomo Montanaro, an artist from Naples who decided, at a certain point in his career, to leave canvas and colours to start painting on photo paper using acids. Montanaro’s “painting” has a strong inclination for experimentation and innovation. Until some point in his career, the distinctive feature of his pictorial investigation was the human figure, depicted in its compendious, fundamental traits of great visual impact. His performance art is also essential and shows the volcanic, explosive and unpredictable nature of his art. Everything is based on the dialogue between emotional drive and memory invocation, which guides the artist’s hand into rapid brush strokes, to keep the pace of the acid that quickly corrodes the photographic emulsion.