My Beauty!

Emigration, unemployment, population ageing and birth rate decline, along with the discouragement of those who see that life is elsewhere and, for that, consider themselves as geographically and morally marginalised: all these factors contribute to the depopulation and state of agony that are recorded today in the small towns of the southern part of ​​Basilicata.
This situation has made us think of the need for a renewal and development strategy. In addition to natural resources, which represent the main source of wealth of areas like ours, and even before drawing up tourist development programmes, there is the urgent need to think about how to re-activate the community, re-animate it to overcome inaction, re-ignite the enthusiasm for the many opportunities existing in our territories and, being aware of that, be bold enough to come up and experiment with new forms of coexistence.
As evidenced by national studies and proposals for inland areas, these small towns (which represent a large part of the Italian territory) have ahead of them a unique chance called innovation, that is made up of culture, ecology and welfare. A chance they have to seize for themselves and the wellbeing of their citizens, along with offering it to those who want to ‘escape’ from the cities, which have now become unliveable.
The first step is to create all the conditions that can favour a closer connection of citizens with culture and nature, as well as reawaken the bonds within the community, the sharing of beauty and the dialogue on important issues.
My beauty! wants to be exactly this.
It wants to be the start of this regeneration, the rebirth of our area through the noble tool of culture.
A cultural centre spread throughout the territory, where learning, dialogue and exchange opportunities can be created, and the collective intelligence can be reawakened. A space capable of generating beauty, spreading culture and knowledge, where our contemporaneity stems from past traditions which, in turn, are reinterpreted from a modern point of view.
A permanent community laboratory where citizens will learn how to participate in the community life, investigate the relationship between the past and the present, create positive bonds, and work to give rise to a new active citizenship and new forms of social life.
Exhibitions and installations, concerts, shows, poetry, reading, cultural meetings, conferences and workshops.