FAC 2012 edition

A two-day Contemporary Art Festival (28 and 29 April 2012), where artists, curators, institutions and citizens of the Pollino Park had the chance to share ideas and experiences through the languages of art. An artistic event dedicated to the development of the area of the Pollino Park belonging to Basilicata region, and aimed at the direct involvement of its citizens, as an active part of the project and not just mere audience. Words and story-telling are the central ideas of the initiative. Words take a ‘shape’ and become artworks themselves.
The main event to present the project named “Qui Lontano, Geografia Emozionale nel Parco Nazionale del Pollino” (Faraway here, Pollino’s Emotional Geography), by Bianco-Valente, took place in the village of Senise. The work is the result of a series of meetings held in some of the villages of the Pollino Park, where the artists listened to citizens’ stories, about the places they visited in person or just imagined. Some key phrases emerged from these stories, which then became the slogan of an advertising bill-posting campaign. Other events, the Homo Legens exhibition, curated by “La Luna al Guinzaglio” and the Tk 18 video performance by the artistic duo ElleplusElle.