Territorial animation

The CEAS Il cielo di Indra promotes the culture of education and environmental sustainability through activities and actions specific for the territory and visitors, with the aim of educating about ecological relations and raising awareness of the individual towards a responsible and strong respect towards the environment.

In the programme of territorial animation and planning, the CEAS works together with the parties operating in the territory and dealing with the promotion and enhancement of the territory itself, promoting meetings, moments of debate, seminars, conferences, workshops, events, awareness raising campaigns, exhibitions, reviews, artistic and creative workshops, art and nature programmes, and all those activities capable of stimulating mental and emotional processes and sensitizing the individuals to respect for the environment and sustainability.

The CEAS working group believes that networking, promoting ideas, debate, dialogue, participation, disseminating knowledge, are fundamental actions to favour a change in the behaviour and lifestyles of communities.

To spread the culture of environmental sustainability, CEAS uses innovative and engaging languages; among them, art occupies a particularly prominent place for observing, interpreting, and modifying the environment. Art has the power to trigger relationships because it intrigues, stimulates, leads to question oneself and to change one’s point of view. Thanks to art, man relates to other individuals and the surrounding environment.

Art facilitates and accelerates the processes of socialization and debate, stimulates ideas, dialogue, and personal and collective well-being. All this translates into cultural and social development.