Environmental education centre

The CEAS Il Cielo di Indra is one of the hubs of the Basilicata REDUS.

The Rete per l’Educazione alla Sostenibilità della Regione Basilicata or REDUS (i.e. Network for Sustainability Education of the Basilicata Region) is made up of a regional coordination centre and a series of hubs distributed throughout the territory, namely the CEAS (Centro di Educazione Ambientale per la Sostenibilità, i.e. Environmental Education Center for Sustainability) and the OAS (Osservatori Ambientali per la Sostenibilità, i.e. Environmental Observatories for Sustainability). Moreover, the network is supported by the Amici Della Rete

REDUS Guidelines

REDUS Accreditation Resolution

REDUS Takeover Resolution

Thanks to the EPOS programme, REDUS contributes to spreading a new culture of sustainability.

Epos is a Strategic Programme implemented by the Environment Department of the Basilicata Region, funded by the 2007-2013 ERDF OP, by state and regional funds for the diffusion and sedimentation of the culture of sustainability. The EPOS programme, which supports the network of Environmental Education Centers for Sustainability, was approved in 2010 to promote lifelong learning and cultural and lifestyle change, through exchange and participation at any age. The program aims at keeping interest in the environmental issue high, to generate awareness and to draw attention to the relationship between citizens and the territory.