visioni del paesaggio, voci e ritratti umani Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Cammini d’autore, frutto di una felice collaborazione, è pensato per favorire la valorizzazione del territorio del Parco nazionale del Pollino, vera perla naturalistica ricca di storia, attraverso le narrazioni che custodisce.

Nasce infatti dall’idea di esplorare l’area naturale, di intrecciare voci e racconti, di raccogliere le testimonianze di chi lo abita, per una mappatura letteraria, scientifica e artistica dell’area protetta più estesa d’Italia. Protagonisti dei Cammini Elvira Dones, scrittrice cosmopolita di origini albanesi, Marco Cazzato, illustratore, Antonio Pascale, scrittore, Amedeo Balbi, astrofisico, e Enrico Brizzi, scrittore appassionato di montagna.

But what are the Literary Walks?
They are three journeys into discovering and narrating the Pollino Park, from three different perspectives. The journey made by writer Elvira Dones and illustrator Marco Cazzato has already took place. It was a reconnaissance walk to discover the park’s natural landscapes, but above all, the communities that live there. The walk with Antonio Pascale, writer, and Amedeo Balbi, astrophysicist – which, for now, has only been envisioned and is still to be made – is aimed at mapping the stars over the Pollino park. The walk with writer Enrico Brizzi will take place between May and June 2019 and is open to everyone. Each project will end with a meeting, an exhibition and two readings in Matera and Latronico, in the province of Potenza.

Matteo Caccia
Matteo Caccia is a theatre actor, writer and radio presenter. Since 2016 he has been the presenter of “Pascal”, a radio broadcast on Rai Radio 2, where the audience and its real-life stories are the true protagonists.
For ArtePollino and the Matera Basilicata 2019 Foundation, he will be involved in a journey, designed with the cooperation of “Il Circolo dei lettori” foundation (project’s partner). A great walk across villages and landscapes, from the Pollino National Park to Matera, with the involvement of local communities, citizens and all those who wish to live an experience that combines walking with reading of novels and essays on the relationship between man and nature.

Elvira Dones e Marco Cazzato
Elvira Dones, mostly famous for the wonderful Sworn Virgin(published by Feltrinelli), is the writer of Albanian origin who, together with Marco Cazzato, winner of the Best Illustrations European Newspaper Award in 2014, already took part in the Literary Walks in October 2018, with a special journey named Portraits of Humanity. The two authors visited the small towns located within the Park to learn about the Arbëreshe communities from a closer perspective and meet unknown places and people, able to arouse their emotions and curiosity. For Elvira Dones, the discovery of an Albanian soul in the Arbëreshe villages of the Pollino park was a double emotion: “Reading Matera, Basilicata and the Pollino park as a writer, feeling at home” she said. Her meeting with some women from the communities of San Costantino Albanese, Chiaromonte and Latronico was really meaningful, as they welcomed the two authors in their houses and workplaces and told their stories. Very intense meetings took place during the journey, which unveiled the stories of people who courageously and resolutely tried, and still try, to resist and empower themselves, despite their many difficulties. Portraits of Humanity will become an exhibition by Marco Cazzato in Matera, as well as an oral tale taking place in Matera and Latronico, between the 29th June and 1st July.

Antonio Pascale and Amedeo Balbi
In view of his journey with the astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi, during the presentation of the project to the “Il Circolo dei Lettori”, Antonio Pascale offers a taste of his own reflection on man and nature, as well as on the need to look to the sky above us and aim at the stars, at least occasionally. The sky, and especially the sky seen from the Pollino park, will be explored by Antonio Pascale and Amedeo Balbi, who will talk about their findings at a show conference on the 30th June.