Summer in the parks – 2015 edition

The initiative called “Summer in the Parks and Protected Areas” promotes the discovery of the natural heritage of Basilicata and the good practices on land development.
The initiative was promoted for the first time in 2011 by the Ministry of the Environment, in cooperation with the Regional bodies, the parks of Basilicata and the environmental eduction centres of Redus Basilicata. This cooperation has been strengthened over time, helping disseminate environmental culture among the youngest, making the regional system of protected areas more accessible and organising events throughout a wide, but sometimes little-known area, to raise awareness on the use and management of our natural resources.
The 2015 edition focused on the different aspects of water: sea, water resource, water consumption and potability, etc…
Thanks to its relationship with Redus, ArtePollino joined the initiative and promoted three days of events in the valleys of Sarmento and Frido, from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 June: promotion activities, shows, creative workshops, tours and performances. Water, stone and balance: the activities of “Being a river” revolved around these three main topics.