Portraits of humanity

The people and the women at the heart of the Pollino’s landscapes

29 June 2019, 6 pm

Earth Cinema by Anish Kapoor, Parco delle Terme Lucane (in case of rain, MULA+ Museum of Latronico)

Meeting, feedback and reading with writer Elvira Dones and illustrator Marco Cazzato

The Literary Walks envisioned by the “Il Circolo dei Lettori” foundation of Turin for “Ka art. Drawing the collective map of Basilicata” move across art and culture, nature and landscape. The act of walking is understood as a break from civilisation, connection with nature as well as moment for research. A break to meditate and think about ourselves and the world. An opportunity to organise the rich variety of existing routes and then walk along them, with new intellectual inspiration and artistic creation. Walking itineraries, storytelling and artistic production, together with writers and artists who are able to interpret the meaning of the Pollino Park.
From 2 to 6 October 2018, Elvira Dones – a writer of Albanian origin who has always been interested in telling the world of women with wisdom, clear-headedness, grace and great sensitivity – and Marco Cazzato- illustrator and painter – travelled across the park, where they met people and immersed themselves in nature. This journey produced three life stories and twenty-five illustration boards. These human portraits have as their main characters the people, and above all the women, who animate the region’s landscape.
These works will be illustrated to the Pollino park’s communities, during a public meeting in Latronico, at the Earth Cinema by Anish Kapoor on the 29th June, while on the 1st July (until the 29th) they will be exhibited in Matera at the Casale.