Born in Bavaria in 1937, he started his career as a painter, before finding his true artistic vocation in nature, an adventure that has led him to the four corners of the planet: from India to Mexico, from Namibia to Japan.
Nils-Udo makes his sculptures in nature, using whatever he finds on the spot. He rearranges natural elements with unprecedented sensitivity and manual skill, before capturing in a picture the microcosm he himself has created.
Nils-Udo photographs hung in museums all over the world. The artist has been invited to create works and hold exhibitions in five continents.
Sculptures expressed in flowers, leaves, which change colour according to the season; sculptures buried by the snow and transformed by the vegetation: the originality Nils-Udo’s works, as compared to the land artists in general, lies in the way he captures the vital spark of nature itself as an integral part of his creative activity. Nature is no longer just a model, but it becomes a subject for the art process.
The reason why Nils-Udo’s works have had such a great resonance since he started working with nature, in 1972, lies, with no doubt, in the fact that his creations are rooted in something that is shared by all human societies: we look for ourselves in nature and nature, in turn, makes us look at ourselves.