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Del tempo fossile

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Ka Art

drawing the collective map of Basilicata

The ArtePollino project aims at increasing social involvement through the simple act of walking, in a slow and collective ‘immersion’ in natural and man-made elements.

A collective experience ‘in movement’, halfway through reality, imagination and memory: the “fragility” of art, the instability of words and the strength of gestures will try to cautiously penetrate into the rich melting-pot of cultures that have inhabited and still inhabit these still undiscovered lands, making them come to light.

The Southern part of Basilicata, with the Pollino National Park and the city of Matera, will be the backdrop of several actions that will bring the richness of these places to light, so that impromptu stories can deposit on the rocky soil of imagination and its intricate roots of memories. Everything will be in continuous experimentation, as an ‘open work’ and work in progress.

The project’s purpose is to rediscover the potential of this region, and access collective imagination and memory of places.

The project aims at reinterpreting the region, from a relational and interactive point of view, where imagination, socialisation, knowledge-sharing and exchange become the means to transform our way to experience the world.

The walk will also include the festive and collective dance made by Jérôme Bel, involving both amateurs and professionals from the area and creating temporary communities with a focus on the relationship between corporeality and landscape, using the scene as a social and political platform.

The Albanian Artists from Art House, and the Italian ones, selected and supported by Claudia Losi and Adrian Paci, with the cooperation of the anthropologist Meschiari Matteo will try, during a workshop/residence, to redefine the representation space through the act of walking across the lands where the Arbëreshë communities have lived for five centuries.

The artistic performance, in the form of a collective dinner, made by Lucy and Jorge Orta, will involve the attendants and the producers of the Pollino, in a festive and meditative experience about food, which is a primary element and the symbol of social identity.

The writers Elvira Dones and Melania Mazzucco, together with Marco Cazzato, Stefano Faravelli and “Il Circolo dei Lettori” of Turin, a public space entirely dedicated to reading, will listen and narrate stories about the region and the landscape, along the walk.

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Art on the fringe

ArtePollino is guest speaker at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts On Wednesday, 4 December 2019, the cultural association ArtePollino will be a guest speaker at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts for a discussion on art, nature and inland areas. During the meeting, which is open to the Academy’s students, professors Cristiana Maria Fioretti, Sergio…

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Arte ai margini

ArtePollino ospite all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera Mercoledì 4 dicembre 2019 l’associazione culturale ArtePollino sarà ospite all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera per parlare di arte, natura, aree interne. Durante l’incontro, aperto agli studenti dell’Accademia, dialogheranno con Gaetano Lofrano e Rosita Forastiere i docenti Maria Cristiana…

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Del tempo fossile

nell’ambito del progetto Ka art. Per una cartografia corale della Basilicata 6 ottobre 2019, ore 18.00MULA+ Museo di Latronico Vico I Stabilimento Località Calda L’associazione ArtePollino presenta Del tempo fossile, uno dei capitoli di Ka art. Per una cartografia corale della Basilicata, a cura di Katia Anguelova, un progetto collaborativo e…

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70 X 7 The Meal Atto XXXVI

70 X 7 The Meal di Lucy + Jorge Orta Atto XXXVI ArtePollino | Matera 2019 nell’ambito del progetto Ka art. Per una cartografia corale della Basilicata 21 settembre 2019 ore 19.00 MULA+ Museo di Latronico Vico I Stabilimento Località Calda L’associazione ArtePollino presenta il prossimo appuntamento di Ka art. Per una cartografia corale della…

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Heart to the sky

The astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi and the writer Antonio Pascale will tell a fascinating story about the stars and stones of the Pollino Park. One will describe the sky, while the other will explore the earth. The first will focus on the sky above us, the other will describe the flora, fauna, landscape, orography and morphology of the park. One…

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Il cuore verso il cielo

L'astrofisico Amedeo Balbi e lo scrittore Antonio Pascale racconteranno questa affascinante storia con un occhio alle stelle del Pollino e uno sguardo alle sue pietre. Uno descriverà il cielo, l'altro la terra. Il primo darà spazio al cielo sopra di noi, l'altro racconterà la flora, la fauna, il paesaggio, l'orografia e la morfologia. Uno…

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Portraits of humanity

The people and the women at the heart of the Pollino's landscapes 29 June 2019, 6 pm Earth Cinema by Anish Kapoor, Parco delle Terme Lucane (in case of rain, MULA+ Museum of Latronico) Meeting, feedback and reading with writer Elvira Dones and illustrator Marco Cazzato The Literary Walks envisioned by the “Il Circolo dei Lettori” foundation of…

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Ritratti di umanità

Le persone, le donne protagoniste dei paesaggi del Pollino 29 giugno 2019 Ore 18.00 Opera Earth Cinema di Anish Kapoor, Parco delle Terme Lucane (in caso di pioggia MULA+ Museo di Latronico) Incontro pubblico/restituzione e reading con la scrittrice Elvira Dones e l’illustratore Marco Cazzato   I Cammini d’autore, che la Fondazione Circolo dei…

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Ka Art – per una cartografia corale della Basilicata
è un progetto di Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019

Project Leader: Associazione ArtePollino
Gaetano Lofrano
Rosita Forastiere
Luca Conte
Ylenia Iacovino

Direttore artistico: Katia Anguelova
Responsabile comunicazione: Annalisa Romeo
Social media manager: Agnese Spera
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